Centaur, 2011

Centaur’s Tails, 2011
Tails in brass, plastic, leather

The fetish object is initially, the symbol of an animistic cult, the belief in the supernatural power of some object.With Sigmund Freud, it becomes the index of a lack, as a substitute phallus that reflects a fear of castration. This ambivalence of the fetish object is a major of the Centaur project.The tails of the Centaur are both magical objects and instruments for reading the body, signs of gender. I was initially inspired by the pattern of the braid, the plait as a female symbol. Associated with the structure of the scale, it was then moved to the birth of the buttocks in a ponytail, a symbol of virility. Of this mixture reappeared a kind of hybrid object, which, once detached from the body, like a whip or a penis sheath.Figure covered in golden mud, he embodies virility in his animal propensities.