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The ornament is the art of seduction and the art of war. It concentrates the equivocal power of seduction’s object that attracts and rejects the subject of desire. 

I relate things that nothing predestined to meet, like in a fantasy scenario. Form of associations of ideas, mind games, I dream and tinker a fanciful mythology, a wonderful world. 

Between irony and self-deprecating, my objects, images and videos combine magic, animality and eroticism with a taste for the exoticism. The exoticism! This term immediately evokes the colonial look, the ridiculous of those who naively believe that only his culture is civilization. Orientalism is one of the most striking example. Ambiguous approach surprised by the difference, the exoticism exalts and ridicules its subject. I completely accept these dimensions with the decline of humor. 

In my work, the seduction becomes an animal parade, the tinkering an aesthetic of fantasy, the fetish an object of eroticism.


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